Thursday, January 31, 2008

Which one of these is COoooler?

Look at the pressure building up at the lower ear!
What about this !??

The Special "GOreng Pisang"

CNY Coming LOooooooo !!!

MORNING MARKET SCEEN in Taman Bukit Maluri Kepong near Chinese New Year-The Year of RAT

A Better future for the children?- My 2nd daughter.

It was reported that the Chinese Private Secondary Schools in Malaysia have received an overwhelming increased of 5,000 students in this year's enrolment intake. It is a good sign for the Chinese private education.We have 60 nos of these private schools in Malaysia.
The increase in enrolment is mainly due to the fact that most parents wanted a place that can offer a good system of education to educate their young ones. These schools have also instilled good discipline among their students in the school.
I am proud to announce that my 2nd daughter chose to be enrolled into Chong Hwa Private High School Jalan Ipoh KL early this year.It is her own choice,and i respected her choice.REcently she got through her UPSR...

Bahasa Melayu (Pemahaman) : B

Bahasa Melayu (Penulisan) : A

Bahasa Inggeris : A

Matematik : A

Bahasa Cina (Pemahaman) : A

Bahasa Cina (Penulisan) : A

Sains : B

Peka 1

she is from SJKC KEPONG 2 KL.I gave her a canon digital camera as a reward for her achievement.

I strongly believe that a good place to educate our young is a place that offer a good and constant systematic way of education in their syallabus.This young one need to have music and physical activities in their school syallabus.
They must be trained to think and at the same time be guided.We must recognize the cream and the able one and give equal opportunities to all.Assessment should base on merits not by favouritism.

An Influential Show

The popular Korean mini series show has change an Indian convict's life...
( Please don't ask me to translate,i got a lot of work to do...soli)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The BOLEH_LAND; Semua pun beloh cakap bila lu mabok.

What to give to a patient when you visit one ?

We used to ask ourselves what to bring to a patient when we pay a visit to him/her. In fact it is advised that it is better not to give flowers to a sick and invalid person or even patient on a recovering stage. Because certain pollens might not be comforting for a particular person and the things that we brought might not even useful to them!
Just bring two pieces of bananas !! Ikut sahaja lah!

COMING lo !!!

ai yoo WOMEN!! you still mau cantik lagi ar !?

Almost 3 months ago, the health ministry announced a restriction on private general practitioners carry out invasive surgery despite the risks.

Malaysian and foreigners continue to trust their lives to beauty salons and aesthetic centres that promises beauty everlasting.



28 year old Anna Teoh never failed to get flattering looks for men and women, yet she was dissatisfied.She felt BIGGER breasts would make her even more attractive and decide on breast augmentation.

After the operation,Teoh started feeling sore.She noticed that her breasts were swollen and painful to the touch. Worse, pus as oozing at the area operated on...


It was reported ( STAR-4/2/2008) that this child - Rong Jing, might be the case of "Prader-Willi Syndrome"- A genetic condition. Which means they have a flaw in the hypothalamus part of their brain, which normally registers feelings of hunger and satiety.It is apparent that children with these condition never feel full and they have the continuous urge to eat; that they cannot learn to control.
This young "SUMO" age 5 is found in Kapar,Klang. Still like a baby...I tried to talk to him and he was just too lazy to open his mouth! Just look at his breast...too much of eating chicken meat under 3 months stock! May be huh!?
believe me :- YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT !!!

Under what condition can you barricade(block) your Taman's road?

Under the Street,Drainage and Building Act 1974, which clearly stated that no person can erect any kind of structure in any public place or along the side of any street without the authorities' approval.
The municipal council can tear down the barrier and the police can take action against those who erected it.
NST-27/1/2008 :-The Inspector General of police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said" The erection of guard houses and gantry barriers to stop outsiders from accessing public roads in the exclusive suburb(i.e. Sierramas ) was an offence under the law.
If your Taman is a complete gated and guarded housing estate; and all the public utilities/facilities ( roads, drainage, sewerage lines, telecommunication services, water pipe line, rubbish collections, etc ) inside the Taman are under the sole care of residents of the Taman and all the above are maintain by the residents concern...Then hah ; you may stop outsider from entering your own Taman.Yes you have your right.
But when your roads, etc, inside the Taman are under the care of local authority then you have no right not to allow the public to have an access in you Taman!
Simple reason:-

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lousy & uncaring service from Astro

I received a notice from Astro asking me to fill up a form in order to enjoy a free Astro magazine (AstroView) for a year if not I’ll have to pay for the cost of the magazine at RM 3.88 per copy. To my disbelieve, from the form, i found that the information which they wanted was ridiculous!! They want to know every damp thing you have ,you own!! You just see how I filled my forms!….
I got a bad experience with Astro sometimes back…; below was the actual content of the letter that I sent to them:
“>>>>>To: Subject: Termination of existing Astro a/c and Applying New a/c-Due to faulty decoder
Dear sir,
I have an Astro a/c with your good self since 15/3/2001( After purchasing a Proton Waja car) My monthly payment was through direct debit credit card. I have no outstanding bill.
Lately, I encountered problem with my astro decoder. I made a report to Astro on the 7 January 2006 but the problem still persist until today; whereby I decided to cancel the old a/c and wanted to apply a new a/c ; this report was recorded today by Mr. Aaron of Astro.
I wish you could kindly consider my application of termination existing a/c and allowing me to apply new a/c bearing my name.
I had contacted the local Astro agent to facilitate the installation of the new set by this week end. As I had not been able to enjoy the Astro viewing since 7/1/2006 ; I wish you could kindly do some payment adjustment from 7/1/2006 till today, 24/3/2006 .When my new decoder is activated the adjusted subscription bill will be credited to settle the outstanding bill the new a/c. You kind understanding in this matter is much appreciated.
Thank You <<<<<” Finally I got my check after a few months of “Football game”. I was trying to locate the photo copy of the e mail letter (Found it!) that I wrote to them showing a full list of names of their staffs who had “played football” with me during that period of my suffering..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Devil starts to roar !

See The Blue devil ! Now got wing lo! The red devil's nail is growing long now....still ...

The "bottomless" trick

Try it yourself in Singapore Science Centre.