Friday, September 18, 2009

Dealing with insult - The Buddha way.

The Teaching of Buddha
The Buddha explained how to handle insult and maintain compassion.
One day Buddha was walking through a village. A very angry and rude young man came up and began insulting him. "You have no right teaching others," he shouted. "You are as stupid as everyone else. You are nothing but a fake."
Buddha was not upset by these insults. Instead he asked the young man "Tell me, if you buy a gift for someone, and that person does not take it, to which the gift belongs?"
The man was surprised to be asked such a strange question and answered, "It would belong to me, because I bought the gift."
The Buddha smiled and said, "That is correct. And it is exactly the same with your anger. If you become angry with me and I do not get insulted, then the anger falls back on you. You are then the only one who becomes unhappy, not me.
All you have done is hurt yourself." "If you want to stop hurting yourself, you must get rid of your anger and become loving instead.
When you hate others, you yourself become unhappy. But when you love others, everyone is happy."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The dirty supplier of cake

These cakes trays were just left it at the corridor; Most of the time it was left over nights.Just imagine the rats and rodents would definitely have a good time...jumping in and out of the trays and sniffing around...leaving all the saliva and droplets...
So bloody close to the faulty and smelly drain just besides the back lane.
Avoid them!..plastic and the metal trays too! Normally these cake trays are found mostly in the wet market and pasar malam.Help yourself please!

The water is clean & Clear at all time!

I have keep this fish tank (5 foot length)outside at the porch area ( till mid morning sun shine) for a couple of years.Initially the water was always greenish in colour; After some treatment and "interior changes" and today finally i did it to maintain a clear water through out the days and weeks EVEN months!!!
This plant was planted in between the gaps(cavity) of the drift wood.It is a healthy plant.Can see the clarity of the water and the under laying stones are clearly visible.No added chemical in the water; you will be surprised!
These photo shot was not too good ;due to the morning sun's reflection and glare. I just want to show you how clean & clear is the water.
Look at the clarity of the water.Fantastic huh! I don not need sophisticated apparatus/set up to run this ...simple and cheap!Believe me; I wish to share the secret with you only if you write to me via e mail @ i need a present from you>>A SPECIAL WATER SNAIL OR A NICE WATER PLANT for exchange...and let's be friend .

Things To Lelong-Please refer also to post dated 22/4/08

Side view;Many spaces for a small water plant (can be inserted into the hole between the wood ) to grow.
This unique solid drift wood ( 3 pics above) is only asking for RM 98.00
This piece could be also use for live flower deco;its centre has got a hole in it. The wood is a whole full piece.This has to go for RM 88.00.E mail me at ; If u are interested.

Fresh water Blue Prawn

My Albino Peacock Cichlid have grown big!
New addition; A fresh water blue prawn...I bought it form Muar; 4 for Rm 24.00; 2 jumped out from the tank and disappeared.The 2 nd last one jumped out and my maid mistook it as a scorpion and stepped it to death !!! It was smashed like a whipped potato. Bodoh Betul! So sayang!
Now i am keeping it in a big glass jar and the opening is sealed tight.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Poor Fellow

T. Sivanesan

"I was beaten up by MACC" witness tells inquest

Article's URL:

No PEACE Yet for Ah Hock....

Be Healthy

The stage has been set for the country’s ninth by-election, By 5/9/2009

By-elections have been held in Penang (Permatang Pauh, Penanti, and Permatang Pasir), Terengganu (Kuala Terengganu), Kedah (Bukit Selambau) Perak (Bukit Gantang), Sarawak (Batang Ai), and Kelantan (Manek Urai)

Of the nine-by-elections, three were called following the resignation of PKR elected representatives in Permatang Pauh, Penanti and Bukit Selambau.

Six other by-elections were called following the deaths of three PAS elected representatives (Bukit Gantang, Manek Urai state, Permatang Pasir) and three Barisan elected representatives (Batang Ai, Kuala Terengganu and Bagan Pinang).

My I suggest something?….

Compulsory to make all the future contestants ( bakal wakil rakyat) to do a thorough medical check up before accepting their nomination. As we are aware before reporting to work the very first day in any company; we were asked to submit a clean medical report of our health status. How come they don’t know huh?

Look at those wakil-wakil rakyat ;most of them are not fit…. High blood pressure; Diabetes; High cholesterol; Kidney (?)…..Imagine these people are going to serve us for 5 years! AND may be longer…………………………….................................................................................................

Imagine How could they afford to climb up a hill to check for illegal immigrant settlements ? Going down under a bridge to check for a crack line OR even running for their own safety when there is a sudden movement of earth while inspecting a hill side collapsed. (Ha ha! Their work mer?)

How would you react seeing a FAT COP like this? OR even this one ????

Monday, September 7, 2009

From Somebody's e mail....Juicy-lah Juga!!

Hi Gang
MAKE SURE your children and grand children go to the SAME university where this perverted genius went to and got his DR..... Is this degree from the the same print shop where degrees can be bought for a healthy some of money?... The author's take on the issues are RIGHT on and need no elaboration.
My concern is why is he allowed to have a say in the Malay media with his flawed reasoning, racial inciting, sensationalism and warped conclusions. Doesn't he know this will not pass the test of a person with half his brain functioning .... even the rural folks can see through this comedian's logic.... and he is a CHINESE to boot.......well we need jokers like him to keep us on our toes and entertain us.... How ludicrous!!!!!!!!!!!! Be patient folks.... He will soon realize his follies.
The theatrics occurring lately show cause for concern... the absence of the PM to address the problems IMMEDIATELY shows a pathetic lack of leadership, a sense of indifference to what he advocates....1Malaysia.... is this a captivating SLOGAN for sale overseas... words have to be translated into action... injustices have to be corrected...People have to know that there are more corrective measures being taken..... there MUST be transparency, accountability , honesty/morality/mores (something EVERY religion teaches and advocates).... somehow there is a serious disconnect................see, I am GLAD I am here
From: Tik Sing Tan Sent: Saturday, September 05, 2009 10:22 AM To: Fredy Subject: Fw: Dr Mohd Ridhuan TEE Abdullah (Fr Centre for Policy Initiatives)

Centre for Policy Initiatives Ridhuan Tee’s reverse take on racism
Written by Helen Ang
Wednesday, 02 September 2009 17:41
Kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu, kiasu!
The above illustrates just how many times Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah hurled the word – and for good measure adding on “ultra kiasu” – at segments of the Chinese community in four consecutive articles (Aug 2-Aug 23) in Utusan recently.
Ridhuan has been having a war of words with Chinese newspapers and blogs, leading him to call upon the Home Ministry to investigate their articles critical of him. He also wants to sue. The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) have visited Ridhuan’s office to take his statement. Police have asked for his statement too.
The furore started with Ridhuan terming Teoh Beng Hock’s baby ‘anak haram’ which upset the Teoh family. Ridhuan responded to his critics by slamming their kiasu behaviour and “third class mentality”, while his subsequent articles on Chinese haram habits merely added fuel to the fire. About the ban on beer in Selangor, Ridhuan wrote: “If other people want to do this haram thing, they can go to Kuala Lumpur, drink arak dan visit the night clubs until they pass out because maybe their religions allow them to do so.” He added that “liquor has now become a part of the Chinese culture/way of life, just like sex outside marriage”.
Nonetheless Ridhuan really has only a shallow conception of what makes up Chinese culture. To him, Chinese culture is exemplified by tossing yee sang at Chinese New Year. He believes that the Umno leaders have been generously accommodating of Chinese culture just because during the festive season, they are front-page photographed tossing yee sang using chopsticks.
Chinese manipulating racial issues Another example of fallacious ethnic stereotyping is Ridhuan’s view that the Chinese are embarrassed to speak the national language because they look down on Malays. He conjectures that many Chinese cannot speak Malay well.
Repeatedly querying whether the Chinese can understand Malay, Ridhuan then singled out the China Press, musing how its editor might want to send his staff for courses in Bahasa Melayu. Ridhuan was skeptical that they understood Malay as he was dissatisfied with their ability to comprehend his articles.
However, Ridhuan later contradicted himself [about whether Chinese reporters are conversant in Bahasa Melayu] when he griped that Malay newspapers do not get take-up from the Chinese community except for those Chinese reporters working in Sin Chew, Nanyang Siang Pau, China Press and other Chinese newspapers.
Ridhuan claimed that they buy Malay newspapers to pick up on sensational news, only to further sensationalize the content in a fit of more kiasu-ness.
He accused Chinese newspapers of manipulating racial issues, adding how he was convinced that if the Malays could understand Mandarin, they would be shocked by the reports contained in the Chinese “racist newspapers”.
It does not cross his mind that Malaysians might be equally if not more shocked by the reports in Utusan, including his own series of articles.
Chinese don’t know their place In his discussion of racism, Ridhuan declared that people who say Umno is ‘racist’ are the pot calling the kettle black. He asked: “Is Umno so bad; has it neglected the interests of the other races altogether?”
Ridhuan’s conclusion is that the minorities should be grateful for the benefits they have received in Malaysia compared to minorities elsewhere. He wrote: “In the 1930s in Thailand, the entire identity of the Chinese was destroyed [extinguished] including the demolition of all Chinese schools. Today, the Chinese in Thailand are not all like Chinese.
“They have been assimilated to become Thais. There is no difference between a Thai and a Chinese. The Chinese no longer have a Chinese spirit. They do not even have any desire to visit China. It’s the same in Indonesia.”
Perhaps Ridhuan is saying that if a Chinese is thoroughly assimilated – like he himself submitted to when he chose to ‘masuk Melayu’ – then this Chinese individual will better fit into the larger society, and become highly successful.
It may interest readers to know that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s family line once carried the Chinese surname ‘Yuan' and he is considered a Chinese-Thai. Former PM Chuan Leekpai is a third generation Chinese. Another ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra's great-great-grandfather was a Chinese immigrant.
Yet here, a Chinese cannot even become the Menteri Besar of Perak but perhaps Ridhuan can be a groundbreaker. Who is to say that Ridhuan, a senior lecturer at Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia, cannot one day soon become the first Vice-Chancellor of Chinese descent in a Malaysian public university?
Indians have too many temples In his discussion of Malaysia’s fraught race relations, Ridhuan wrote that whenever a temple or shrine is demolished, it is as if the entire Malaysia is stirred by a tempest, helter-skelter and reacting like the destruction is a persecution of the non-Muslims.
He grumbled that Malaysia had “the biggest and tallest [religious] statue in the world” although he failed to specifically name which one. As far as I’m aware, Malaysia does not hold this particular world record although we do hold many world records.
It is possible that Ridhuan was referring to the Goddess Mazu statue to be built in Kudat. However, the construction did not materialize due to objections from people like-minded to Ridhuan.
Ridhuan said that Malaysia had “the biggest and tallest [religious] statue in the world even when the community” – he didn’t specify which community – “is only less than 10 percent of the population”..
Might Ridhuan be referring to the Indian community? If so, his statement is erroneous as the Hindus in Malaysia do not have the biggest and tallest idol in the world. Ridhuan failed to get his fact and figures right on the statue but this did not deter him from confidently asserting another fallacy -- that there are “many, many times more temples and churches than there are mosques and surau ” … “Such is the fate of Malays in their homeland”.
Marginalized Malays in their own land Not content with lamenting “Beginilah nasib Melayu di bumi Melayu” in our backyard, he cast his glance further afield in Singapore, in his eyes an island lost by the Malays to become a “Chinese country in the Malay archipelago”.
There, said Ridhuan, the Singapore government trusted Indians more that it did native inhabitants. [Ridhuan may be referring to the four Ministers of Indian ethnicity – holding the portfolios of Senior Minister-National Security, Finance, Law/Home Affairs, and Community Development-Youth-Sports – compared to the lone Minister of Malay ethnicity.]
The fact of Indians, who are such a minuscule minority in meritocratic Singapore, heading such important and sensitive Ministries did not impress Ridhuan. In Malaysia, it would be equivalent to Indians becoming Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Home Minister and Law Minister.
Any number of things will set off Ridhuan’s favourite lament, “Inilah nasib Melayu di bumi Melayu”. The allegedly greater number of daily newspapers in Chinese compared to dailies in Malay is bemoaned by Ridhuan as “Inilah nasib Melayu di bumi Melayu”.
He also takes issue with vernacular education. In his most recent Utusan article on Aug 30 headlined ‘Merdekakan pendidikan perkauman’, he accused the majority of Chinese whom he puts in ‘Category B’ and labels ‘ultra kiasu’ as being 'keras kepala’. Category B is the Chinese educated group.
He seems to see everything through a distorted racial prism, and similarly implying that the existence of MCA-owned Utar, Wawasan Open University (Gerakan), New Era College (Dong Jiao Zong), AIMST (MIC) dan “various other race-based institutions” was racist as there is no Umno-owned university.
He has conveniently forgotten the race-based enrolment of Mara.
In Ridhuan’s view, some Chinese are ‘kacang lupakan kulit’ even though “we” [Ridhuan counts himself among the Malay-Muslim polity] “are always giving way when confronted by these extremist [Chinese] groups”, and “most sadly, they are not at all grateful when we give way”. In Ridhuan’s view, “the Chinese political parties” [as he terms DAP, appearing unaware that the party chairman is a Punjabi] are “taking advantage of the weakness and split among the Malays".
He wrote, “If the Malay-Muslims are united, I’m sure DAP will not be this ‘brave’. Their bravery is due to a small segment of Malays siding with them. This is what allows them to grow too big for their britches.”
Ridhuan is of the opinion that it’s the various unhealthy perceptions held by non-Malays which has led to the deterioration in race relations. He contends that “racist Chinese papers” are a threat to national unity. Obviously beyond reproach is the Utusan he writes for. It is ironic that Ridhuan keeps harping on ‘kacang lupakan kulit’ when on the other hand the Chinese community sees him as having shed the skin he was born in.
(Updated 20:40) Ridhuan Tee’s articles in Utusan Ancaman akhbar perkauman kepada perpaduan (Ogos 23) Dituduh bersalah pada nenek moyang (Ogos 16) Bahaya matlamat menghalalkan cara (Ogos 9) Bila kacang lupakan kulit (Ogos 2) Nasib Melayu di bumi Melayu (Julai 26)

MCMC should stop harassing Malaysiakini
Holy cow! Minister defends protestors! (Revised)

Proton Waja Why so bloody cheap now???

Waja Campro 1.6 Premium (CPS) comes with either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed auto.
It has electrically foldable remote wing mirrors, front seats with three-way adjustable headrests (up, down and tilt), leather seats all around, a gated automatic shifter for the automatic transmission model, new center panel switches, a keyless trunk remote system, ABS brakes, dual SRS airbags, fog lamps, twin tailpipes and projector Xenon headlamps with automatic headlamp levelling.
The interior features a new meter panel and a new Clarion head-unit capable of playing CDs, MP3 files and WMA files.
The new price tag for the Waja Campro CPS Automatic is only RM 64,000.00.Besides ALL the PLUS listed above; The sales man promised me a free full tank of petrol, Free full cover of tinted sun block film and sand blasting car number on the car window be given free to me if i book a waja now...and the delivery period is 3 WEEKS from the date of booking.!!!! SO BLOODY CHEAP & FAST DELIVERY YA!
I BOUGHT MY waja way back in 2002 and i paid for RM63,000.00 for a BASIC unit and WAITED for SOLID 8 MONTHS !!!!! The sales man was "LanSee" too!
Now after 8 YEARS; the car is sold at RM 64,000.00 AND with ALL the PLUS AND right now the waiting period is only 3 WEEKS !!


During these 8 years with the car:-

1) There was a recall to replace the break pump,

2) I had changed 7 to 8 times for the head lamp bulbs (whereas my Kembara never change once!)

3) I had to change my head lamp's wire so that the light can function well-If not it will easily go "one eye Jack "

4) Both my rear door handle were broken before.
5) I have changed my front power window 4 TIMES; Just last week i changed both front side of the power window;I changed it in MUAR which cost me RM 340.00.This time the man told me the power window gear is made of steel now!! And he even warned me not to use the rear power window often cos in the market there is no "steel gear" yet!
6) I find that the car has too many "Plastic" product which does not last...
7) After 8 years ( In fact it started much earlier) the front lights are dimmer then Kembara (7 years old).I got to use high beam on certain stretch of highway. I believed i was being scolded;though i can't hear it!!


1) 4G18 engine for from Mitsubishi

The juicy tales:-
The 2010 model Toyota Camry 2.4L sells in the US for USD 19,659.00 or RM69,396 In Malaysia the 2008 Toyota Camry 2.4L sells for RM170,000.
Toyota Camry 2.4L, 2010 model. RM69,000 in the US Car prices in Malaysia are about three times higher than the prices in the United States.
We are a developing nation. Our land and labour costs are so much cheaper than the US . Why are our cars so expensive? It does not make any sense.
Then here are some car prices from our neighbour Indonesia . The Toyota Altis sells in Indonesia for about RM46,000. The same car sells here for around RM 112,000.

Again we are three times more expensive than Indonesia The Honda Jazz sells here for RM108,000.. In Indonesia the Jazz sells for RM 36,000. Three times more expensive

I was told somewhere in 1989 that a Proton Saga in UK(?) only cost about RM 14,000 to 16,000 !!!ha!

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A farmer went out one day and bought a brand new stud rooster for his chicken coop. The new rooster struts over to the old rooster and says,
'OK old fart, Time for you to retire.'
The old rooster replies: “Come on, surely you cannot handle ALL of these chickens. Look what it has done to me Can't you just let me have the two old hens over in the corner ? ”
The young rooster says: “ Beat it uncle: You are washed up and I am taking over.”
The old rooster says: “ I tell you what, young stud. I will race you around the farmhouse. Whoever wins gets the exclusive domain over the entire chicken coop.”
The young rooster laughs. “ You know you don't stand a chance, old man. So, just to be fair, I will give you a head start.”
The old rooster takes off running. About 15 seconds later the young rooster takes off running after him. They round the front porch of the farmhouse and the young rooster has closed the gap.
He is only about 5 feet behind the old rooster and gaining fast! The farmer, meanwhile, is sitting in his usual spot on the front porch, when he sees the roosters running by.
The Old Rooster is squawking and running as hard as he can. The Farmer grabs his shotgun and- BOOM - He blows the young rooster to bits. The farmer sadly shakes his head and says: “ Dammit......Third gay rooster I bought this month.”
Moral of this Story? .....
Don't mess with the OLD FARTS – Age, skill, wisdom, and a little treachery always overcome youth and arrogance!