Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Zealand mussel got moustache & Blue colt fish

boil it about 7 to 10 minutes then eat... so sweet le!
i think the "moustache" here is to look like sea weeds and to attract small shrimps go towards the shell.This thing is attached at the opening of the mussel.
Blue Colt fish - my friend says its meat taste like "soon hock" (Ikan bodoh)-Expensive !

we have TOTO u have LOTTO

Prize winning Auckland airport

At the prize winning airport...
All the above displays are pasted along the passage way to the departure gate at the New Zealand's prize winning air port.

This is Melbourne...

I met one bloody rude burly white man here at the reception...@ 1.30 am on 21/12/2010...i already lodged a complaint through their web site e mail; see how they reply it!
Most of the time we do not want to create a scene...but we do happy released our steam here in the blog... and also e mail to your superior! who care what action later; At least my steam is over...
Melbourne Centre
Victoria market...lots of things to see there!
Opphs! Dirty toilet... haha i got u! Notice the plug point below the sink trap; looks like they don't wet the toilet; Just mopping only.

Melbourne Library

Melbourne Library...A must visit place.
Children art piece
children art piece

Melbourne harbour @ 20/12/2010

Ballarat, Australia - Fomer gold mines & Gold Museum

Gold Nugglets
Pharaohs' Gold fingers
The tickets
Ex- gold mine town, Suvereign Hill.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

when someone is hospitalized...

when someone is hospitalized one day...Like the above pic; The visitors will be very2very concern & curious about what had happened to him. How did he meet the accident so on and so on...
I believe the patient is too tire or to bore to explain each and every detail of the accident episode to every single visitor who come to his bed side. So, imagine that! repeat and repeat...
In our eastern culture, It is a good manner to greet an elderly "Have you eaten?" whenever you pay a visit to them . Cos in those days (many many moons ago) people were not so well fed at all time. So it has become a culture to greet an elderly person in such a manner.
What more when a person is hospitalized!But in actual fact when a person is in such situation - laying on A HOSPITAL bed ( sometimes already HALF died); ...We should refrain from visiting them OR at least make the visit short and brief and "as sweet as you may"...
Oh please! You are not going there to act like a visiting specialist consultant to give your comment or giving some "recommendations" based on your "hear-say" Or that Joe and Ahamd Ah Kow told you this method or ways of that patient!
If fact there was an article advising visitors not to bring flowers to visit a patient in hospital; because some patients are sensitive to pollen and some even advised doctors not to wear tie to work or while treating patient...
Just tell me how many times in a year have u ever bring your ties for dry cleaning?? According to the article report the tie has got millions of germs on it! Just imagine that!
So the best advice from me is that - Please do a VCD/DVD/ BlueRAY recording of all the processes of the "Happening" form A to Z....the accident scene,pictures of the place, who are the witnesses,those peoples who rendered their help,the hospital, the doctors,the operation,....phew! everything in the CD or thumb drive...then sell it to their visitors or it may be even your (ha ha) visitors @ Rm 5.00 (USD 1.43) per piece.
I believe it will definately safe a lot of unneccessary repeated explanation over and over again on your episode.ha ha
For example :- the DVD's story should begin with your new bike bought for RM 2,444.00.
You went out for a leisure ride during one of the sunny day....without a safety helmet.
You were very safety conscious ( But yet u forgot your helmet!!) you were on the bicycle lane as what your grand mama used to tell you to watch for traffic sign and follow strictly to it....
Suddenly....OH grand mama...oh please! this morning got bicycle race along the Beach Road!??
Oh no!!? yet another racer passing by....over taking you.
During the 'chase& tailing trip' realise a car was tailing too close to you...probably both of you were doing the same "tailing work..."
Suddenly a woman rider came out from the right junction in a split second; It was too late to break the bike;and You knocked her down and the car banged you from behind as well....celaka!
You were badly injured in the accident...your head were spinning*#@Your eyes were half closed... you can still see the former naked girl standing a distance a way watching and smiling to you... But of cause disbelieve the havoc cause by her; to you...
Suddenly her smile made you a very strong sense of desire to carry on fighting to survive...not wanting to die just like that... But unfortunately...the ambulance van broke down...and in a faint voice you over heard that the cyclist lady died on the spot due to excessive bleeding...this time around you felt a surge of fainting spell BUT not yet forgetting the smile... Later in the ward the doctor told you that you had coma for 3 days but your face was smiling...
A heli was called to send you to emergency ward... the team of doctors tried fantastically to save your life...
you were in coma for 3 days ...but the smile on your face could be the life saver....which the doctors can't explain till today!
Finally this is how you look like when you released your first copy of Blueray CD or DVD to your aunties and old neighbourssss.
PLEaSE put on your safety helmet! Do it right for the first time and everything will be alright!!SAFETY FIRST