Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things To LELONG

RED Cherry Snails -Help to Clean your tank.Going Cheap @RM 1.00 each @ any size.
JUST message ....on waja_iii@hotmail.com
WOOD "A" above- view at 5 different sides .Shape like a small HILL. Asking for RM 75.80
WOOD "B" above,view at 4 different sides. Going cheap at RM 86.60
Wood "C" above, View at 3 sides, solid,wood surface full of green algae.Worth to buy at RM 82.50
Wood "D" above, wood with greens-buy exactly as what you see @ RM 80.00
Wood "E" above, view at 5 sides.Exotic,mystic,good to look at...The fishes SURE HeBOh...Cheap to let go @ RM 200.00
8 sides good view at Wood "F" with plant. Beautiful and solid @ RM 168.00

Monday, April 21, 2008

A unique plant cost only RM 5.00 in MUAR

Bought this plant during my last trip to Muar on the 5/4/2008. It cost only RM 5.oo. Quite unique to me.

The Red Cherry Shrimps

These two pictures above were loaded from the web and the pictures below was the one that i kept in my tank. I bought quite a numbers but now left a few in the tank;in fact those that i kept in my office did hatch well (once) but the number was decreasing now.Don't know due to what!
May be i should add some salt in the water.

Cherry Red Shrimp

Never exceed an inch. These shrimpy shrimps eat algae and French cut green beans. Of course they prefer flake food. Great for planted aquaria with tetra size fishes. Add salt to taste. We don’t get them very often because they come in packs of 300 out of Taiwan.

Cherry Red Shrimp Factoids


Sexual Differences: Females a bit larger

Temperature: Average tank temperature

Attitude: Too little to threat anything

Security: Prefers planted tanks

Needs surfaces to climb on – no bare tanks

Foods: Loves all foods – eats algae

Water: Prefers water with salt in it

Size: One inch

Biggest Threat:Copper, heavy metals, medications

Life span: 1.5 years

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Banana Shrimps ( Flower Shrimps)

This tank was given to me by my mother about a few months ago .I knew it was originated from my brother's house.Just now at about 10 pm,my brother and his family dropped by to hand to me some dragon fruits from Kluang, Johor.
I invited them to see this tank that they had given away...and to show the boys how i have transformed it into a beautiful tank again! To my surprise...actually this tank was a birthday gift to King Tze-The elder boy! Woh Ho! my my...Do you Want it Back,KING? (by all mean-you know)
Yesterday i added a new species in this tank-The Banana Shrimps ( Flower Shrimps) I bought 4 ekor for RM 20.00.Below was a few pictures taken from the web.
In this tank i have two American miniature frog and the rest-can't remember all its name.Later may be i will write it down.
Pic from the web
Pic from the web
Pic from the web
Pic from the web

Pic from the web

Flower Shrimp

Come in different colored versions. They are very good at blending into the woodwork. They also look like they could catch fish.

Flower Shrimp Factoids

Origin: Singapore

Sexual Differences: Males larger

Maximum Size: Two to three inches

Temperature: Bothered a lot by cooler temperatures

Climber: Thigmotactic. Likes planted tanks.

Substrate: Thigmotactic. Hates bare tanks.

Security: Likes planted tank. Camouflage colors.

Foods: Filter feeders -- micro-algae, infusoria, micro foods.

Threat: Big fish and medications containing copper

Switching the fishes from the ground tank to the other tank

A shy discus fish

A pair of angle fish,laid eggs before but not enough spare tank to breed them.When they got disturbed,all eggs will be eaten up by themselves.

These Kelah fish and two other unknown breed were caught in Templer Park.You won't believe that they actually breed in my blue plastic ground tank.I sort of can recognised their eggs-all wrapped up in a leave after laying.Cos i accidentally destroyed one when i mistook it as dirt accumulation on a leave. Yesterday while cleaning the tank i found another batch of eggs wrapped up with the water plant's leaves.
Those smaller size Kelah fish you see from the pictures and the video are from the hatching...Surprised really!!!It really happened in just a simple tank like this! As a hobbyist, you would definitely feel great that your fishes are breeding...
The bottom part of the tank showing the water plant that i found a batch of newly laid eggs by my Kelah fish. As you can see from the pictures,I tried to set up a place as "conducive" as possible for the fishes to feel comfortable. No Wonder they LAID eggs!!

My Koi are kept in a small concrete tank.