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A guy is 84 years old and loves to fish. 一個84歲的老先生喜歡釣魚。 He was sitting in his boat the other day when he heard a voice say, 'Pick me up.' 一天,他坐在船上釣魚的當下聽到 一個聲音說:「把我拿起來。」 ! He looked around and couldn't see anyone. 他四處張望,卻四下無人。 He thought he was dreaming when he heard the voice say again, 'Pick me up.' 當他又聽到「把我拿起來」時, 他以為是他的幻覺。 He looked in the water and there, floating on the top, was a frog. 他往水中定神一看, 那裡正有一隻青蛙浮在水面上。 The man said, 'Are you talking to me?' 老先生問道:「你在跟我說話嗎?」 The frog said, 'Yes, I'm talking to you.' 青蛙回道:「對,就是我啊!」 Pick me up then, kiss me and I'll turn into the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. 將我拿起來,吻我, 我就會變為你今生所見最漂亮的女人。 I'll make sure that all your friends are envious and jealous because I will be your bride! 我確定你的朋友是既羨慕又嫉妒, 因為我即將成為你的新娘。 The man looked at the frog for a short time, reached over, picked it up carefully, and placed it in his front pocket. 老先生凝視青蛙片刻後,伸出手, 很小心地托起青蛙放入他前面的口袋裡。 The frog said, 'What, are you nuts? Didn't you hear what I said? I said kiss me and I will be your beautiful bride.' 青蛙說:「怎麼,你瘋啦?你沒聽我說嗎? 我說,吻我,然後我就會成為你美麗的新娘。」 He opened his pocket, looked at the frog and said, 'Nah, at my age I'd rather have a talking frog.' 他撥開他的口袋,看著青蛙說: 「算了,以我這樣的年紀,我寧願有一隻會說話的青蛙。」 人到達一個年齡,清楚甚麼該要,甚麼不該要,是一種 智慧 。 When you reach that age, you know what you want, what you can do... it is Wisdom. Five simple rules to be happy 快樂的五個簡單常規 1. Free your heart from hatred - 釋放心中的憎恨 2. Free your mind from worries - 不過份憂慮 3. Live simply - 活得簡單 4. Give more - 付出多一些 5. Demand less, expect miracles in life - 少一點要求,對生命有盼望

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Cairo University Archeologist: UFO Aliens May Have Helped Build Pyramids of Giza

Recently it was revealed that King Tut had European DNA.

...The DNA test results were inadvertently revealed on a Discovery Channel TV documentary filmed with Hawass’s permission — but it seems as if the Egyptian failed to spot the giveaway part of the documentary which revealed the test results.

Hawass previously announced that he would not release the racial DNA results of Egyptian mummies — obviously because he feared the consequences of such a revelation.
On the Discovery Channel broadcast, which can be seen on the Discovery Channel website here, or if they pull it, on YouTube here, at approximately 1:53 into the video, the camera pans over a printout of DNA test results from King Tut...(

The DNA test was analyzed unofficially and it was revealed that King Tut had some Celtic ancestry.

Michael Cohen of All News Web is reporting that an Archeologist from Cairo University has admitted that it is possible that the Pharaohs had some UFO Alien help in the construction of the Pyramids at Giza.

...In a shock statement, head of the Cairo University Archeology Department, Dr Ala Shaheen has told an audience that there might be truth to the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the oldest of pyramids, the Pyramids of Giza.

On being further questioned by Mr Marek Novak, a delegate from Poland as to whether the pyramid might still contain alien technology or even a UFO with its structure, Dr Shaheen, was vague and replied "I can not confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is "not of this world"....(all news web)

According to Cohen, Dr.Shaheen has refused is now keeping quiet and refusing to elaborate on his comments.

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By Erik Van Datiken on June 25, 2009


NEW YORK, NY – An Egyptian pharaoh observed a huge fleet of UFOs hovering above the desert sands more than 3,400 years ago…
NEW YORK, NY – An Egyptian pharaoh observed a huge fleet of UFOs hovering above the desert sands more than 3,400 years ago… and even went for a joyride on one of the spacecraft!
Incredibly, translations of hieroglyphic records reveal that Thutmose III, who reigned 15 centuries before the birth of Christ, first saw a UFO one winter morning around the year 1482 B.C.
“The hieroglyphics describe the UFO as ‘a circle of fire,’” said renowned author and UFO expert Brad Steiger. “The object emitted no sound, as indicated by the inscription ‘it had no voice.’
“The hieroglyphic records go on to say, ‘After some days had passed, these things became more numerous in the skies than ever.’
“The UFOs in this fleet were extremely bright or more than the brightness of the sun,’ and were relatively small, about 16 feet in diameter.
“They were probably spacecraft from a mother ship.”
Incredibly, Thutmose III was taken aboard one of the alien spacecraft, said UFO expert and biblical scholar Zecharia Sitchin, author of the book The Stairway to Heaven.
The ancient records reveal that Thutmose “flew up to the sky” and learned the “mysterious ways in heaven,” Sitchin wrote.
“Without a doubt, that passage describes a trip into space.
“Thutmose III was transported by space shuttle to a space station in orbit above the Earth.

“The report of Thutmose proves that ancient astronauts visited Earth long ago.”

Life after 60

An interesting article from The Hindu.
Life can begin c60, it is all in your hands! Many people feel unhappy, health-wise and security-wise, after 60 years of age, owing to the diminishing importance given to them and their opinions. But, it need not be so, if only we understand the basic principles of life and follow them scrupulously. Here are ten mantras to age gracefully and make life after retirement pleasant.
1. Never say I am aged' :
There are three ages, chronological, biological, and psychological. The first is calculated based on our date of birth; the second is determined by the health conditions; the third is how old we feel we are. While we don't have control over the first, we can take care of our health with good diet, exercise and a cheerful attitude. A positive attitude and optimistic thinking can reverse the third age.
2. Health is wealth:
If you really love your kit and kin, taking care of your health should be your priority. Thus, you will not be a burden to them. Have an annual health check-up and take the prescribed medicines regularly. Do take health insurance coverage.
3. Money is important:
Money is essential for meeting the basic necessities of life, keeping good health and earning family respect and security. Don't spend beyond your means even for your children. You have lived for them all through and it is time you enjoyed a harmonious life with your spouse. If your children are grateful and they take care of you, you are blessed. But, never take it for granted.
4. Relaxation and recreation:
The most relaxing and recreating forces are a healthy religious attitude, good sleep, music and laughter. Have faith in God, learn to sleep well, love good music and see the funny side of life.
5. Time is precious:
It is almost like holding a horses' reins. When they are in your hands, you can control them. Imagine that everyday you are born again. Yesterday is a cancelled cheque. Tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is ready cash - use it profitably. Live this moment; live it fully, now, in the present time.
6. Change is the only permanent thing: We should accept change - it is inevitable. The only way to make sense out of change is to join in the dance. Change has brought about many pleasant things. We should be happy that our children are blessed.
7. Enlightened selfishness:
All of us are basically selfish. Whatever we do, we expect something in return. We should definitely be grateful to those who stood by us. But, our focus should be on the internal satisfaction and the happiness we derive by doing good for others, without expecting anything in return. Perform a random act of kindness daily.
8. Forget and forgive:
Don't be bothered too much about others' mistakes. We are not spiritual enough to show our other cheek when we are slapped in one. But for the sake of our own health and happiness, let us forgive and forget them. Otherwise, we will be only increasing our blood pressure.
9. Everything has a purpose:
Take life as it comes. Accept yourself as you are and also accept others for what they are. Everybody is unique and is right in his own way.

10. Overcome the fear of death:
We all know that one day we have to leave this world. Still we are afraid of death. We think that our spouse and children will be unable to withstand our loss. But the truth is no one is going to die for you; they may be depressed for some time. Time heals everything and they will go on.

Only in Taiwan...

The latest stylish breakfast in Taiwan is the "HOT LAN-CHIAU" (Hokkien for Penis) costs only NTW$50.00 ...
Taiwanese women are obsessed by this burger !!!!

You can find it by the roadside hawker stall ... at every corner in the city ...

So when you're in Taiwan , make sure you look out for this "HOT LAN-CHIAU" burger !! Never come home without tasting it !!!

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I went to this Menara MBPJ quite a while ago...surprise to notice the word "Tanah Perkuburan Buddha / Konfusi...OM-UFO!!Buddha was buried here in areas of MBPJ!? Ya UFO Blessed;those buried there were considered "Buddha" TQVM That's is a good honor; at lease to die like a Saint.

Another one!>Burial ground for Confucian? 
Confucianism is an ethical and philosophical system developed from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius (孔夫子 Kǒng Fūzǐ, or K'ung-fu-tzu, lit. "Master Kong", 551–479 BCE). Confucianism originated as an "ethical-sociopolitical teaching"....Please refer to  Wikipedia for UFO sake!

I think we have more Taoism then Confucian practices here in Malaysia...correct me if i am wrong.
Please ask when you do not know much of a culture or practices. Do not assume; u may cause some misunderstanding later.

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Child labour

Cendol stall in Setiawan Perak

Cendol stall owner in Setiawan served  Sultan of Perak. Something to be proud of... I ate two bowls when the Sultan is no more there.


60 Earth Hours merupakan acara tahunan yang diadakan oleh World Wildlife Fund (WWF), yang mana ia disambut pada hari Sabtu terakhir pada bulan Mac pada setiap tahun. Pada hari berkenaan, kediaman mahupun pejabat akan mematikan lampu yang tidak digunakan dan peralatan elektrik yang tidak digunakan selama satu jam bermula jam 8.30 malam hingga 9.30 malam untuk membangkitkan kesedaran ke atas perubahan iklim. Pada tahun ini Kempen 60 Earth Hours akan disambut pada 23 Mac 2013 (Sabtu) pada pukul 8.30 malam hingga 9.30 malam.

Sebagai individu yang bertanggungjawab dan peka terhadap alam sekitar, marilah kita sama-sama mengambil bahagian dalam program 60 Earth Hours selama 60 minit dan padamkan lampu yang tidak penting pada masa itu. 
Tunjukkan keprihatinan dan kebimbangan anda dalam kenaikan suhu iklim dalam kehidupan kita. 

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This is how they sleep - rent a bed in Hong Kong

 This is only renting a bed space; all your properties are inside the cage...

The caged home...your bed!
Just like our Indonesia Kongsi (public home) house in the construction site.

Japan's Capsule Hotels

Yet another inside view of the capsule.

Most capsules are stacked two up in columns of about 8-10.

 The Capsule Control Panel. You can control lights, TV, A/C, Alarm Clock, and do your taxes.

The common share toilet & wash area 

Buttons on the left control and set the alarm clock.
Left switch turns on the TV. Right turns on the light. Knob is dimmer.
Bottom knob is volume, black button beside it changes the channel.

Small little TV at your feet, I think Ocean's 11 played once in English.

Some families choose to stay in the container in Shanghai, China. The containers, which provide shelter for families who can not afford proper housing, are leased out at 500 yuan (USD80) per month for one container. Even though these people have shelter and fare better than those without, there is still no proper insulation against the cold in winter months.

Living conditions are dark, and families have to rely on artificial light when inside the containers because of the lack of windows cut into the containers.

The little girl's jacket is a bright contrast to the dreary landscape of rusty shipping containers.

Some families try to build a semblance of a home by tiling their 'front yard', adding steps and erecting dividers as fences. They also ingeniously add transparent sliding doors to let natural light in during the day while maintaining some privacy.

Mother and son share a quick meal outside the shipping containers. The painted red sign reads 'scrap metal recovery'.

A young boy peers curiously from behind the screen door in his shipping container home. Despite it being the day, the containers are dark and grim.

 Families have to be organized to fit their different living spaces into the narrow container. Here, a family arranges the kitchen alongside their bed and puts hooks along the wall to keep things off the floor, saving precious space

 The stacked containers cast long shadows onto the street. Residents can benefit, especially at night, if street lamps were to be installed.