Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bali Indonesia

Those THINGS in the museum
A beautiful married Balinese couple. They were being photographed in the museum compound.
tanah Lot
a devoted Hindu now....
Balinese Art
Tanah Lot temple
A dirty Kuta Beach
At the Mother Temple -Basukian
Jayakarta Bali Hotel @ 9/12/2010

What say u buddies?

马来人为“琐碎事”分裂 华人支持国阵保住财产 马哈迪认为,在1999年的全国大选,华人支持国阵是因为国阵成功保护他们的财产,反观马来人只为了“琐碎事”,自己分裂。
“这是因为当时华人认为政府在经济风暴中,保护他们的金钱(mata wang),令他们不用破产,显示他们比较不重视黑眼圈(mata hitam)。”
Malay man-made "trivial" separatist support arrays of the Chinese hold property
Mahadi believes that in the 1999 national elections, array supports arrays of the Chinese is because country successfully to protect their property, contrary Malay for "trivial", their divisions.
He pointed out that, even if "anhua black eye" that has caused lots of Malay includes UMNO members does not support arrays, arrays in support of the Chinese hold on to power.
"This is because the Chinese Government during the economic crisis, protect their money (Mata Wang), so that they do not have to go bankrupt, show that they do not attach importance to black eye (Mata HITAM). ”
Former Prime Minister dunmahadi said that, if he as Prime Minister, his primary agenda for racial equality as a developing country.
He said that although he abdicated for seven years, but still has a lot of ideas and opinions to national development.
Trying to influence the incumbent leader
"I have many ideas to help countries to develop, in particular the implementation of national unity. However, these plans can only be performed by persons in positions of sth Because I have no power, I can do is try to influence today's leaders. ”
Mahadi said 85 years old and now he is not only through dialogue with national leaders, as well as through its blog ( to express their views.

Do we need a Russian,Japenese or Korean tour guide working in Malaysia ??

黄燕燕:三国游客日增 探讨引进日俄韩导游
"Tourism minister pointed out that the ministry will bring in more foreign tour guides and hospitality present the growing number of foreign tourist." I just came back from Seam Reap Cambodia tour started on 29/01/2011 to 2/2/2011. During the tour around Angkor Wat; I heard many Cambodian tour guides talking to the tourist in multi national languages ( i did ask my guide a few times on a few different languages transpired among the other tour group with their guide.) I was in fact fascinated BY THE FLUENCY of the particular language spoken by the Cambodian tour guide!

- Among the languages spoken are German ,Korean , Japanese,Russian and France!

If our friend over there can master those foreign languages ...Don't you think we Malaysian can master all those too?

Wau lau what a good idea to EMPLOY foreigner on MM2H status to work as a tour guide in Malaysia. Highly deprive the local talent and job seekers in the same field!
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Beautiful Temple in NZ Auckland -

Happy Valentine

Let this Valentine Day be filled to the brim with love,goodwill and peace as you continue your journey through life with all those you hold dear in your heart of hearts.

They think they can do anything they like in malaysia??

曾志伟Eric Tsang Chi-wai扬言《我爱香港开心万岁》若在大马破650万令吉票房,他就会与黄百鸣Raymond Wong Bak Ming一个裸泳、一个裸跑来谢票!他还考虑下一部电影来马拍摄,兼赞大马是香港电影最大的市场。 《我爱香港开心万岁》上映八天在马票房劲收360万令吉,志伟表示希望能打破去年《72家租客》600万的票房纪录,并扬言:“如果破650万票房,我再来大马庆功!(不是说你和黄百鸣会裸跑?)他肯的话没关系!他裸泳,我裸跑咯!裸泳没那么容易看到!”