Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MY New BOrn Babies

(The above 3 pictures)

I was surprised that the mother left this young chicku alone outside the coconut shell and i was damn worried that it may fall down but then my daughter said it was the survivor skill that the mother wanted them to go through- the drill!! Wau lau wer....At this stage i think they are 2 to 3 weeks old.I dont see that the eyes are fully opened!

In fact this little one managed to claim back to the shell! WONDERFUL CREATURE!! imagine THE CRAWS ARE SO SHARP AND POWERFUL THAT IT CAN GRIP SO WELL.I was terrified...it looks like walking on the rope helplessly but then i realised it's grip was powerful.May be with the help of the mother's odour too does help to attract the baby back to her.The little one was crying out while hanging on the rope but the parent made no attempt to rescue him.

The new born in the coconut shell The Mother of two new born