Monday, August 22, 2011

Gay Malaysian Pastor’s Wedding Plans Stir Anger

Kalu lu mau kawin,kawin sajelah kenapalah heboh heboh sangat..nanti tak jadi jadi macam manlah selesai huh!? Selamat kawin kau!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

progress with time.... me it is a luxury to have work in a office which has a pantry corner like this...
My office pantry-The above two pictures were shot in Nov 2010
the top 3 pictures shown the latest "mass" now...

Tualang / Foo San IPoh- the place to eat?...

Ipoh trade mark- "the iron boat"
Foo San tim sam
Lobster or scientific name, Macrobrachium rosenbergii. These type of shrimps are popular in Tualang IPoh.
Its head were used to steam with eggs and spring onion...
The shrimps' body were fried in saucy manner
Home made rojak-complimentary on the house.
marble goby fish
These whole meals plus a dish of vege ; Of cause except the dim sam cost me RM 350.00

cruelty to animal...

Brave Mayor- dare anyone of our Mayor do this? Or just a show??

Signboard fell on vehicles, 26 May 2011... not reported in news

Signboard fell on vehicles, 26 May 2011

This happened on the road to KLIA (heading towards KL),

Look at the foundation. The small size of the screws holding it to the ground. No wonder it fell over

They try to save on the screws....?? and the foundation as well??

New addition

Siamy (my present cat) is wary of the new comer...
a watchful eye...
She is about 14 months old a mixed Bengal cat. i like the spots ..