Friday, May 29, 2009

Gunung Berapi Bandung

the volcano stone
tree fossil
tree fossil
tree fossil
it looks like our earth from a distance or just like a Singapore island?
another view of the crystal....
tree branch cup
see the tree bark in dark colour;a natural pattern of the tree trunk
sulphur stone for sale
volcanic ashes and sulphur powder and it's stones
the trees on the higher ground;these type of trees are commonly found in highland like on the 3/4 way route to Mt Kinabalu in Sabah.
Poor man -with one leg and blind...
the souvenir huts along the fringe
this volcano is still "alive"
see the rubber stripe with the rusty iron nail,but i can't figure out what are exact material used for the roof.It is from a plant.
another view
life volcano
hi! hati-hati handsome!
Mau apa Pak Don? Sini bukan Olympik ya!
side view
the volcano is on the left side.
Super power healer !! wanna try?Dare U do it?
macam macam ada...

Restaurant Kampung Daun,Bandung

The Location Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & CafeJl. Sersan Bajuri Km. 4,7 No. 88 RR1 – BandungPhone: 022-2787915, 2784572, 2784573Fax: 022- 2787881
The route in...
water fall
going up...
the surrounding...
I saw some discharge (suspended solid)most probably from the kitchen;no grease screen?
Our hut no.S33
handwash area
the roof-bamboo and atap leaves
Hi!! Elis!
Hello !!
fried mee with chicken leg-something different but i forgot to check it's craw! I can't rtemember this dish-Karedok? Rp 15,000.00
Sundanese rojak-good something different;i remembered my previous Sundanese maid had made it for us.
rice wrapped with banana leaf and bamboo-nasi bakar sambal belut Rp 35,000
Lamb satay Rp37,500.00
chicken satay Rp 29,500.00
rice wrapped with banana leaf and fried chicken-ayam goreng dengan nasi enak Rp 35,000
sambal kacang for the satay kuah
Aqua is Rp 5,000, Kelapa muda Rp 20,000,Avocado Rp 25,500.00 Our bill was about Rp 568,150.00
sop buntut-ox tail soup
ox tail cooked with kicap+sugar;suppose to go with the soup above.the ox tail is delicious! Rp 55,000.00
nasi tutug oncom-sound like"dot com" -Rp 30,000
nasi kukus kampung Daun; Rp35,000
Gurame goreng sambal terasik Rp 57,500.00
the fish was spilt before it was fried
the side stall at the entrance
the "cotton sweets"