Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Origin - Wooo To Yooo (Part One)

Back row:- Ah Chyn,MiMi and Kar Meng. Front row :-LiLi and Ah Kit( my favourite boy)
Gandma,6th Aunt,Ah Chyn,Ah Fen,Kar Meng,Ah Fong,MiMi,4th aunt,Ah Kiat,Chia Yee and 2nd aunt-Picture taken beside the Muar river.
My Beloved Family in Muar -1974
My Beloved Family- My Tar Sou,Mimi,girly,Ah kin,Lily,my mom and my dad- At Shaw Road
My Beloved Uncle
My Beloved Tai Pak
My Beloved Granny
My Grandfather
My Beloved Grandma
I was born in a family of six.3 boys n 3 girls in Klebang Besar Melacca-I feel great to be able to born in a historical town like Melaka.Superior feeling ma...but i still haven't got my Bumi satus yet.But for sure i will get it before YOU! Tak percaya huh?. Some times ago my mom told me if fact there was one child after me was gone ( passed away ) during her tender months.I had a old fashion grandma who believed that i can't live well in the Wooo family and i had to be given away and some how or rather i was landed with my grandny ( Mother's side) as a grandson.You see that was in May 1960 And during that time my grandny's eldest son-30 years old then still single-"Yong Pei Chiong" had a sudden death during his sleep.I heard she was very very sad ( So Sorry-Grandma) You know in those days a man must/should leaves a son to carry on his family's surname and i was "given" to him as a son.Today his tomb is in Bt 6 Bakri Muar and my name in Chinese was engraved on the tomb stone as the status of his son.Surprisingly no one told me about this ...I only realised it during my first visit my grandpa's graveyard( He passed away in 1977 (Form 4) before grandny -in 1980( in Poly Kuantan then)) somewhere in 1978-a Form 5 boy then. I tell you all these stories which you are going to read now were all gather and analised by the logic and facts in my life.Not all the things were told to me by them-my families(My mother's side and my grandny' side) Especially my grandny's side.I remember i did ask my grandny where was i born(during primary school time) She told me i was born through "Tiak" ( Armpit) and the doctor had to cut open it!I believed it you know! Ok since i was given to the Yong family but i can't just live like that -without a proper paper/background(since the deceased no longer around to keep the "son") then my grandny asked a favour ( Thinking back -It was a Real big favour render out to any one on earth now) from her relative ( A sinseh seller on the street) to adopt me as his son ( I remembered he got many sons and daughters)bearing his surname as Yooo and my grandpa's side is "Yong"even though the Chinese character (surname) are the same. My birth certificate is slightly smaller then A3 paper-12"X 10".But all my classmates' cert are small-4"X 7".In fact i was shy to show my giant cert! Haha. I remember every time when the schools needed the family particulars for certain forms.We have to go to his house in Lorong Hj Omar ( Near Jalan Lama) to get all my "brothers & sisters " name.No photocopy machine yet!