Friday, December 26, 2008

My Sugar Glider - having babies again!

I think both the adult pair were mated on 20 of September 2008...cos when i went near to the coconut shell to do put back the smaller one to its original place;both pair rejected her and even pecked her on the head ( with pain of cause!)and i saw a pool of "liquid" inside the shell! and i presume that was know...!!?? I might have disturbed their boogie boogie...
I do hope those sugar glider owner should also take a peek during those funny time and see how it is! a pool of "liquid" like mine?Well true enough the female was pregnant after some times and now the babies are about 1.5 months old.I sold both the babies to my colleague for RM 100.oo a pair.Damp cheap huh! The shop is selling RM 380.00 for the female and RM 350.oo for the male!
Anyway if you are interested to purchase at this price from the future... do message me.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Serom-this was where the rxaxscxxxal was moulded!

When i was in standard 5; way back in 1971 ;i used to come to this community hall on Wednesday night to watch the karate instructor coaching the students there.I was so attracted and thrill to watch the way the stance was carried out!And i went home to copy the act!! This Chung Hwa was my primary school.So much of Sweet and Bitter memories there.I was made a head prefect in std 3,punched a std 4 boy till nose bleed while in std 3,Std 5 took part in singing competition but did not even won a consolation prize ! During Std 6, got no 2 in art competition and i was sent to Muar to compete in an art competition but didn't win any prize..."a frog in the well"haha
I used to go to the drain near the Mosque and the road junction ( From the pic) to catch fishes like sepat,haruan (small one),fighting fish and other small fishes.i was so used to go inside the drain culvert under the road junction (underneath and across!) to look for fishes! My hair then was full of smell and yellow in color! I used to steal monies from my grandma's drawer to buy small plastic toy like the soldiers,armour trunk,cow boy and the red Indian.
I had even tried to cheat the sundry shop owner by changing the "TI Kam" slip inside (But i wasn't to smart then ;the color was different) but i was caught and ran away...luckily no charge! and was never caught!I had eaten laksa plus ais kacang campur and at the end i slipped out from the side door where the was a huge crowd of men gambling at that time and the owner didn't notice me than!Phew...!!I had stole rambutan from the Pak Haji's tree next to the school and was chased out with a parang and i ran and stranded near the jetty ( away from the place and in order to go home i must pass by his house!) for hours...dare not come home;too scare to see him! I have even dirtied the Penghulu's path way (lorong) during my fish catching sessions and i was chased off with a stick!
We used to play at the pork seller's stall and the wet market at the opposite.The Pak Ali was a fierce jaga.At night he will do the rounding to check whether we were there to play or not!; Any way that place was our favorite! Our rented house was just 3 shops away. NO 206, Jalan Serom 3.A Chinese medical shop.The shop's roof was made of attap and upgraded to zinc sheet in 1969-70. It was rented from a Baba family ...I still remembered life was hard and this landlord was very stingy...rental collecting day was a bargaining day for leniency in payment....We shifted out from this place in January 1972 to join my grandpa in Muar but i still continued my std 6 in the same primary school.

The Muar 's popular fish noodle and fried oyster

The dried kuih tiow fish noodle
The popular fish mee hon at the Jalan Meriam junction
The most popular fried oyster only Rm 8.00.( minimum cost per plate is RM 5.00)Plenty of fresh oysters and eggs !Less tapioca flour.Full of Zinc and cholesterol.

A new collection in the house

This statue on the right was found at the display in the shop and after buying it;it was given a good brush and now it looks nice on the left pic.I just simply love to see his smiling face.What about U?
Come on; don't be so prejudice!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear All, May this Christmas bring U & your Family d Joy,Peace,Love & Happiness. Have a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best Employers NO MORE

Wednesday December 24, 2008 Western Digital Sarawak facility up for sale Western Digital, formerly Komag USA, shocked the state authorities and its 1,500 employees when it announced it would cease the Sarawak operations and lay off all its workers by March next year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rafflesia - The World Biggest Flower

Kea village/Plantation,pictures taken from Equatorial Hotel at Brinchang
My first experience in a 4X4 trail...
Our Orang Asli guide ;Temiang tribe Forgot to ask his name.He is friendly.
Mud trail...
slippery bamboo crossing
An Orang Asli's leaf scurf
A few fresh foot print of a wild beast-probably a "tiger"!!
A wild orchid
Rafflesia growing in between the tree base
Can find them growing on the tree trunk too!
Even growing on the ground...
Found a dead plant along the way
this was huge!
this is the one we were lead to see...
Feel like rubble texture...
wild flower
tiring journey for some...As for me ,i just came back from Mount i'm still fit!!
going uphill...
crossing a fallen tree...tough for a little girl.The Orang Asli asked for an ANG PAU to buy cigarettes...i told him to take care of my girls.At the end of the trip. i gave him RM 20.00
...result of a mud...trail....which one is NIKE and which one is BATA??
...after i promised to give him an Ang Pau;he leads me to another flower while the rest were resting beside the waterfall! Money Power!
Looks like cabbage
He was choping bamboo which contains water inside; the water was fresh and taste like mineral water...kind of ...
This Indian guide was sitting behing the jeep!
This small tree trunk was used as a walking stick; this is the cut section of the trunk. The jeep,notice the bull's horn on top of the bonnet
pictures display from the shop