Saturday, August 30, 2008

Merdeka !!


Ah Wei - The New Latok

Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri
LeeChong Wei was made a Datuk by the Penang Government on Thursday, but the Beijing Olympics silver medallist still preferred to be called by his name instead of his title.

The Proud Mayor of London ...

It was reported that Mayor of London Boris Johnson didn't buckle up his blazer's button during the taking possession of the Olympic flag at the closing ceremony in Beijing.
He should at least buckle up the first button of his blazer...He was quoted saying something like: " it was a personal freedom.."
I thought this blazer thing was originated by the western world ; they should be more wary and to follow the ethical of the dress code! especially on such a grand occasion.OR rather this "Kwai Luor" was too excited to take possession of the flag and he had forgotten the ethical code!! huh,may be!?
But if he were to uttered the word like what was quoted in the newspaper then i think he is a bit of arrogant! X*#@!!BU and further more look at the way he behaved on the stage; he didn't even shake hand with the Mayor of Beijing !! Did you notice that!!?? He forgot everything ?Can't even stretch out a friendly hand to exchange for a warm hand shake??

Something Weird from Pulau Perhentian...a " I love U" sign.

I found this piece of wood half buried into the sand on the beach at Pulau Perhentian.It is weird looking and it's shape looks like a "I LOVE You " sign. Am I right?
Luckily it wasn't the middle finger kind of thing but if i do found that i will also post here for u to admire!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cherating, Pahang 23/8/08 -Turtle Sanctuary and the Green turtle sighting

I travelled from Kuala Besut about 10 am and reached here at 4.00 pm.Luckily managed to reach this place before 5 pm.I saw one turtle sanctuary in Dungun town on the way by the road side but it looks like the gate was closed.So without waste much time i head for this place.Good Luck to me man!!
Let's talk about the journey here, On 23/8/08 ,Saturday;I started off at 8.30 am from the Arwana jetty in Pulau Perhentian.The boat company MD supposed to pick us up at 8 am sharp; as usual the way of the boat operator did ;they asked another boat agent to ferry us across but the boat was packed with people...we almost left behind due to the extra passengers but i told them i had booked the return boat since Thursday evening...After some tele conversation contact with their parties finally we were allowed to board the boat .there was all together 33 peoples on the boat! Life jacket was a shortage!!
Over loaded definitely!! The boat had to stop 3 times half way on the open sea due to imbalance of the boat and lessen the contact between the engine (propeller; i supposed!) and the sea level!! x#zc^bai!!
I met a man called "Din Roti"(Anak Ismail Hj Hgah)-019-9301309 on the jetty there.I shown him the picture which i took together with the late Penghulu in Perhentian;Tok Batin Sidek.He seems to recognise one of the little girls on the picture and told me that this woman now residing on the mainland;Kuala Besut .Anyway i didn't manage my time to meet any of the descendants of this late Tok Penghulu and i was told by our boat man Joe that most of the grandchildren are scattered and reside on both the island mainly on Perhentian Besar.
I travelled through the coastal road(Jalan Pantai) from Kuala Besut> Pengkalan Gelap > Kampung Saujana > Penarik > Kg Rhu ( this village has a long strech of beach front facing South China Sea) > Kuala Terengganu @ 12 noon( Up to this point i have clocked about 100 KM from K Besut) > Marang > Rantau Abang > Dungun > Paka > Kerteh > Kemasik > Kemaman > Cherating @ 3.30 pm. Total mileage is 271 KM.When i reached KL's home, together i have travelled as far as 1067 KM !!! The hatchery place was heavily guarded against the birds and other predators like lizard as well.
WE WERE LUCKY !!! We saw these 3 little fellows were struggling to come surface.This hatch have got 127 eggs and the eggs were laid on 1/7/2008.Looks like it will take about 3 weeks to hatch. Do YOu WAnna FEEL It !?? Huh?
The baby turtles were realised to the open sea...Let's pray that they are safe and sound after this... Amin!
Slowly they disappeared into the sea.They were fast mover you know!Can you notice the small dot on the above picture?
The Cherating Turtle Sanctuary
The above blue tanks contain turtle babies and they are all species of the green turtle.They will soon be realised to the open sea...
These are the green turtles that are keep in the compound for visitors viewing.When they were young the colours marking are beautiful and have a variety of colours and as they grow up the colour will change darker,towards black.
The Green Turtle Sighting, wee hour from 12.30 am to 03.30 am on 24/08/2008
That evening we checked in at Resident Inn Cherating in a family deluxe room @ RM 268.00.The place was nice and quite but the swimming pool was not well maintained ;water was dirty and chalky.I found Rm 3 paper notes at the bottom of the pool! The food was cheap;with a RM 20.00 you can have a set of curry mixed sea food like fish head,prawns,squids and some lady fingers and tomatoes.Mixed fried veges,A big plate of Ulams,Fruits and Coffee plus tea!
We managed to have met someone who was willing to show us the turtle sighting with a small fees of RM 20.oo per head. He managed to call me at 12 .15 am on 24/08 /2008 morning and it was how this date has became a memorable date for us!
The egg is just like a ping pong ball but flatten on the spot once you apply a bit of pressure on it.
We were told not to use flash light on the turtle;That's why the images are not sharp enough. This turtle took about an hour to dig the hole and another 45 minutes to lay a total number of 177 eggs and yet took another hour to cover the hole ( she didn't know that someone already took away the eggs,Stupid! cos she never turn round her head to check the surrounding)Haha!
There was a big crowd during the sighting and there was a bit of commotion during that time ,there was one Mat Salleh lady took the turtle's picture with a flash and one of the park ranger was commenting and shouting at her to get out of the place and then followed by 3 Chinese ladies calling her to get away from there too for not obeying the rules.They were all sound very sarcastic to this Mat Salleh lady ( Mind You ! it was dark then ;you just can't see any one's faces at that time) The situation was a bit tense.I managed to forked out some word like this :"A person who was sentenced to death can also be pardoned and forgiven...why are we so hard to forgive people...People make mistake can't we just forgive and forget?... There was a long pause...and luckily nothing happen after that!
I thought i could get a hug from that Mat Salleh lady... but AlamaK!! haha

Those Fond Memories of yesteryear....

My Uncle,Mr. Woo Chee Yen
My trip to Bukit Merah , Perak 2002 Bukir Merah,Perak
Mt Kinabalu 2002
My brother, Haung
Cousin's marriage in Singapore 200?
My 2 nd one
My 1 st one
My 3 rd one
My 3 little one, Cherating 1989
My 3 little one, in Pulau Tioman 1992.They seems to enjoy the rough ride through the wave then..
In Muar, 1973?
59, Jalan Maharani, Ban Joe Hoe Chinese Medical Hall,1974
1974? In Muar.Ah Chyn,Mimi,Kar Meng,Lily and Ah Kit
Ah Fen's marriage day in Singpore
Just look at the table...Steam Boat meal...