Wednesday, March 16, 2011

U R lucky seeing me writing again...

Yesterday at 06:35 hrs; I was robbed at Jalan Burung Tiong Bkt Maluri kepong, (My love one asked me to highlight the place so that others are aware) opposite the chicken stall ( i used to buy chicken form him- but i saw him standing there to watch the life show-Please don't blame him...he cari makan sana tau!). One Indian man came with a 10" knife came charging to me before i stepped out from my car. It was too late to shut my door.
My first reaction was to catch hold of the knife . There was a tug of war action for about 2 to 3 minutes or may be even less but it all seems so long time then.I just kept on saying "jangan ambil kereta saya..X10..." ......FINALLY; he demanded "dompet & hand phone" I gave up. I passed my wallet & hand phone- Nokia E90 and i even put my car keys inside his shirt.Hopefully he "blar" fast.He left with an accomplice and threw away the car key on the road (If not i would have to cough out RM 350 to duplicate it.)
As i picked up my key ;i realised there were a group of on lookers consisting of marketing fellow and the pasar vendors. I let go my steam by shouthing " hey what is that to watch ...didn't even help ..." Somebody handed my spectacle back to me ( I didn't know how it got drop out on the road..) Just as i got up my car i saw a brown leather like wallet beside my car, i picked up and opened it but didn't get to see any identity on it; As my hand was bleeding; I dropped the wallet on the road again.( After that i thought it could be the robber's wallet; I did return to the scene before going to the clinic but the wallet is not there any more)
After F them ( the on lookers) i got up to the car and gone straight home ( didn't bother to tell tales to these selfish on lookers- Even now; thinking back, I don't expect them to help to fight off the robber but at least make more noises of displease to ward off the attempt)
Remember NO ONE WILL HELP YOU> YOU GOT TO ACT ACCORDINGLY & SENSIBLY TOO>i am fortunate to survive the ordeal; I could be dead by now if the knife go straight into my tummy. As i was sited on the driver's seat not much i can do to avoid the " knife poking "
During that crucial moment of "tug of war" i had nothing like any sort of ideas on how to fight off this robber; Just did the prevention of the knife from "poking" into my tummy.Just that! As you know i was sited on the car seat- i can't move at all!
After the incident i told myself that luckily i didn't make any move to "elbow" that guy OR gone into "fighting" with him.Simply another gay was waiting & sitting on the bike and observing the tussle.He might have just come over once seeing his accomplice was attacked and give me a "nice" Stab on my back!!
I was blessed indeed to be able to write to tell my stories to you now...IF NOT...
Now, the funny part is that i don't ( please don't ever mention i what ...I am not a Saint) have hatred towards these men.May be it is because i am still untouched and still alive today....Have your experience later to tell your part of story... when you face something like this? OR worse?
Anyway i lost all my contacts in my Nokia E90 phone. Do drop me a line of sympathy and to catch back with me @
I do accept all donations in any form ; cash, checks, money order, tt etc,etc

Lottery ban violates rights of non-Muslims??

Kelantan recently banned Big Sweep lottery as part of its no-gambling policy. I would be more happy if the government can ban the gambling policy. Please don't think all Chinese like gambling and please don't defend so much on these issue. There are much more important matters to be attended to and there are other more urgent issue to make good especially the enforcement part in various sectors. Please...please....

I will just take the coffin - NO PANtang

Police seized two coffins which were placed in Komtar Walk and by the roadside of Komtar.
As for me; I will just accept the two coffins and put into my store ( a YB store room should be bigger now...) After that I shall ask for more...A coffin cost about RM 2000.00 is not so cheap for the poor.So i can do some charity by donating out one by one and at the same time i will announce the donors name.
What say U!??