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The left one is used solely on elephant.....
This brother is lucky to have found a bigger "container"...Look at the hair ! Haha Is must be for the Lioness!
So old already still want to tayang-tayang....

Malaysians' Pride...

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama
12 Mar 2009, 0853 hrs IST
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama present give away Secretary of State's Award for International Women of Courage to Malaysia 's Ambiga Sreenevasan at the State Department in Washington , DC . (AFP)
The shame of it all that we should be so proud (and are) of our own Malaysian receiving an international award like this, but the local and press dont see it as important enough to publish it in our local dailies! It was only published by THE SUN but rather small and hidden in the inner pages.
This Picture Made It To the Pages of India Times but not in our own papers!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Iridology From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Iridology (also known as iridodiagnosis) is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents believe that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's systemic health. Practitioners match their observations to iris charts which divide the iris into zones corresponding to specific parts of the human body. Iridologists see the eyes as "windows" into the body's state of health.


The majority of medical doctors reject all the claims of all branches of iridology and label them as pseudoscience or even quackery. Iridologists are rarely physicians. Iridology is only studied at private institutions, and it is not taught at medical schools.

Critics, including most practitioners of mainstream medicine, dismiss iridology as published studies have indicated a lack of success for its claims. Clinical data does not support any correlation between illness in the body and coinciding observable changes in the iris. In controlled experiments, practitioners of iridology have performed statistically no better than chance in determining the presence of a disease or condition solely through observation of the iris.

It has been pointed out that the premise of iridology is at odds with the fact that the iris does not undergo substantial changes in an individual's life. Iris texture is a phenotypical feature which develops during gestation and remains unchanged after birth. There is no evidence for changes in the iris pattern other than variations in pigmentation in the first year of life, eventual freckles and variations caused by glaucoma treatment. This stability of iris structures is at the foundation of iris recognition for identification purposes

My Experience with the iridology check up on 24/4/2009

I went for the check up by a young female doctor,after the eye screening she told me a few points about my health as follows :
1) I got a cholesterol on my head which is about 6. something mmol/l .
2) My big intestine has got fungus growth. As a result i have "angin".
3) I got sinus problem.
4) My anus is becoming smaller...and i have constipation problem and the stool are becoming smaller and may have difficulty "Pang-Sai"
I whispered to her that i got non of the above sickness except the first one which is cholesterol...but i forgot to ask her how she was able to read my level as 6. something!
No body knows our health better then ourselves (with conditions)...why should we be worried about our health(who is she?) ;When you don't even being diagnosed or checked by a qualified doctor!
Ai Yo Don't know what to say!!

Fantastis Art Work

I like it!

Probe begins on lecturer forced to quit over 'sympathy marks'

The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) has begun a probe into a former public university lecturer's allegations that she was forced to resign for refusing to give "sympathy marks" to under-performing students.
The lecturer, who spoke anonymously on April 15, told the paper that she had resigned from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (Usim) as she was unable to tolerate the pressure to give out "sympathy marks" to students who had failed an examination set and marked by her.
In that examination, only four out of a class of 157 passed, prompting the university to send her a letter through the faculty dean calling for an explanation for the high failure rate. She was then criticised heavily by her superiors who allegedly pressured her into adding marks based on the attendance of students.
"Nor" refused as she felt it was the responsibility of the students to turn up for classes. "How am I to give them more marks if they are undeserving. I have given all the marks I can even though the students do not deserve them," said "Nor", who had been teaching in Usim's law faculty since 2007.
However, Nor's claims were rejected by Usim vice-chancellor Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin who said the university had a clear procedure for marking test papers and that Usim had been ISO 9001:2000 accredited since 2004.
"We obtained our ISO 9001:2000 accreditation on Nov 11, 2004, and we were re-accredited on Jan 8 last year by the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (Sirim). This proves that we have clear and transparent procedures in place," said Abdul Shukor in a press conference on Sunday.
He also said examination results were first scrutinised in a meeting of the faculty's undergraduate exams committee before being validated by the University Senate."We also have an external panel that oversees the academic and examination system," he said. Certification + Accreditation are both good things to show BUt what about the surveillance,enforcement + follow through ? These are good practice.

Medical chits going for as low as RM10 each

(April 20, 2009) :
Sick of work? You can buy a medical chit for as low as RM10 if you are in the know.According to a report in Nanyang Siang Pau today, MC chits can easily be bought from clinics.
In a random survey last month on 18 clinics in Petaling Jaya, Brickfields, Pudu, Kampung Baru, Kepong and Jalan Chow Kit by the daily's reporters who were disguised as students, two were found to be selling MC chits without consultation for RM10 and RM25 respectively.Another two required the "students" to see the doctors before they were issued the chits.
However, most of clinics do not engage in the sale of MC chits and some stressed that they would not issue the chit on request unless it is deemed necessary.
On March 15, a Nanyang reporter posing as a student approached a clinic in Kepong and asked if she could obtain an MC for a fee. "Yes" came the reply from the counter staff who asked for her MyKad.The staff was careful, lowered her voice and asked the reporter to follow her to the consultation room where a male doctor was in attendance.
Doc: Where do you live?
Reporter: PJ
Doc: Where do you work?
Reporter: I am still studying
Doc: What sickness do you want me to write down?
Reporter: er ... fever.
Doc: OK. Remember not to come back within two months (for MC chit).
Reporter: OK, thanks.
In another clinic in Kuala Lumpur the next day, the reporter told a nurse at the counter she wanted to buy an MC.The nurse was initially suspicious but dropped her guard when the reporter said her friend had recommended the particular clinic.The reporter, again claiming to be a student, obtained the chit in five minutes without seeing the doctor.
Reporter: I want to buy an MC.
Nurse (laughing): Where do you work?
Reporter: I am a student.
Nurse: How do you know this place (has medical chits for sale)?
Reporter: A friend recommended.
Nurse: Why do you need an MC?
Reporter: Personal reasons.
Nurse (taking out some pills): I'll write down fever and give you some Panadol.
Reporter: Can I have vitamins? I don't want painkillers.
Nurse: OK. But (vitamins) in liquid form, more convenient to give the pills.
Reporter: Can I take the (Panadol) pills if I have headache in the future?
Nurse: Yes. Because you are a student, I charge you RM25. But for those who are working, I charge RM28.
Reporter: Wow, so expensive?
Nurse: It is cheap already.
Cases like these are believed to be repeated daily in many other clinics due to the demand for MC chits.The question of ethics aside, the rampant sale of MC chits will have an impact on companies in terms of performance and medical costs incurred by the errant employees.


mIND yOU ! i GOT A best and committed PERSONAL BODY GUARD during my THAILAND trip. He works very hard even when i take a stroll in the park ; he will still at my side.A good guard.

At times i got to do hide & seek in order to avoid him following me too close...He always said "YES! SIR" but then the next minutes he will appear behind my back again!

At last i got no other better choice so i bought a nice camouflage sweater to wear to void being detected again by him...haha


2009/04/23 Warning to school contractors who supply poor food
The Education Ministry will terminate the services of contractors who fail to comply with the health and safety conditions in supplying food to students.
Deputy Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the government was serious in this matter as it involved the health of students .The food supply is done through the ministry's supplementary food programme."We want all food suppliers appointed under this programme to be responsible and to abide by the conditions set in the contract with the ministry."We will not compromise on this as the programme was introduced to make sure students get nutritious food in schools. We want the conditions on the type of food supplied and its nutritional content to be strictly followed."
The programme benefits some 280,000 students in residential schools and 550,000 in other schools.
It was reported that students in a school in Sarawak under the programme were given a plate of rice and one dish.The claims were made by the students and parents.The ministry allocated RM3 billion annually for the welfare of students and this included the RM250 million for the programme.Most of the students under the programme come from Sabah and Sarawak. They also get financial aid, scholarships, tuition and uniforms from the ministry.
Cases of involving the canteen:-
1. Food poisoning hits 60 primary pupils in Johor [NATION 22-Oct-2008] Sixty schoolchildren from SK Taman Rinting 3, Johor Baru, are down with food poisoning after eating nasi lemak from their school canteen.
2. 60 pupils ill after nasi lemak meal [NATION 23-Oct-2008] Sixty pupils from SK Taman Rinting 3 suffered food poisoning after eating nasi lemak at their school canteen.
3. Education Ministry to monitor schools for tainted food from China [NATION 24-Sep-2008] The Education Ministry will monitor school canteens to ensure that tainted food from China do not get into the system, minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said.
4. School canteen closed after 43 fall ill with food poisoning [NATION 12-Aug-2008] The SK Taman Daya 2 canteen has been closed after 43 pupils came down with food poisoning on Saturday
5. School canteen closed after food poisoning [NATION 11-Aug-2008] The SK Taman Daya 2 canteen has been closed following the recent food poisoning incident involving 43 students in Johor Baru.
6. 43 pupils fall ill after eating chicken nuggets [NATION 10-Aug-2008] A total of 43 pupils from SK Taman Daya 2 suffered food poisoning after they were believed to have eaten chicken nuggets at the school canteen.
7. 74 sick after canteen meal [NORTH 26-Jun-2008] SEVENTY-FOUR pupils of Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Kechil Hilir, Bandar Baru near Kulim, Kedah, were rushed to the Sungai Bakap Hospital in Nibong Tebal yesterday after they were suspected of suffering from food poisoning.
8. Canteen food costlier now [NATION 14-Jun-2008] Pupils in some schools here have not been spared from spiralling prices – food in the canteen now cost between 10 sen and 30 sen more a plate.

General Yuefei 岳 飛 將 軍

you tiao (Literal meaning:oil strip) The Cantonese name yàuhjagwái literally means "oil-fried ghost" and, according to folklore, is an act of protest against Song Dynasty official Qin Hui, who is said to have orchestrated the plot to frame the general Yue Fei, an icon of patriotism in Chinese culture.
It is said that the food, originally in the shape of two human-shaped pieces of dough but later evolved into two pieces joined in the middle, represents Qin Hui and his wife, both having a hand in collaborating with the enemy to bring about the great general's demise. Thus the youtiao is deep fried and eaten as if done to the traitorous couple. In keeping with the legend, youtiao are often made as two foot-long rolls of dough joined along the middle, with one roll representing the husband and the other the wife
Another significant site is a shrine dedicated to the larger-than-life national hero, General Yuefei, whose 12th century exploits against the Jin invaders of the north have been celebrated in innumerable stories, plays and operas.
Yuefei was on the verge of victory when he was recalled by the southern Song Emperor, framed and executed together with his son. The official Qin Hui who advocated negotiating with the enemy was instrumental to his death.
A commemorative plaque with the words “Return our rivers and mountains” emblazoned in gold hangs above a large statue of the much-loved general in the memorial temple. From there a small side gate leads to the modest mausoleum of Yuefei (Yuefeimu) and his son, their high status evidenced only by stone figurines that flank the way to the burial mounds.
Iron sculptures of the traitorous Qin Hui and wife – half-naked and with hands bound behind them – kneel facing the tombs in eternal humiliation and penance. Such was the ire of the people that they made dough sticks to represent the reviled couple and fried them for breakfast; thus was invented the youtiao or, in Cantonese, yau-zha-guai (oil-fried devil).
It appears that nearly nine centuries after Yuefei’s death, anger against the couple has not abated. A sign above the kneeling statues tell people not to spit (on them); there was a patch on Qin Hui’s head where someone had drilled a hole and I was startled when a young man strode up and whacked the “traitor” with a rolled-up newspaper.

Tender Terbuka

Open Tender Concept
Having open tenders for government procurement contracts will inspire the people’s confidence in the Government. Although the tender system might not necessarily result in chea­per deals, it would be more transparent and accountable. Important ,specialist and urgent jobs can still be awarded on a negotiated basis and not on open or restricted basis. Restricted tenders should only be accepted under rare circumstances.The selection of reputated and competent contractors are important and their respective speciality know-how should be looked into before the final selection.
Apa yang lebih penting adalah seorang ahli syarikat yang akan memberi tender itu adalah orang yg tiada hubungkait dgn penenda dan mereka ini sepatut nya tidak boleh mempunyai agenda atau niat lain utk memihak penenda itu.
Tapi malangnya dalam keadaan yg tertentu ada saja agenda niat yg tak baik dlm isu tender secara rundingan ini.SEdihkan? Selalunya kalau Check & Balance tidak memainkan peranan maka perkara ini memang berleluasa dan sering berlaku...SEdih lagi kan?kUASA YG besr SANGAT PD SESEORNG YG BERHAK MEMILIK ITU JUGA AKAN BOLEH MENJADIJADIKAN SESUATU....

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Wat Rong Khun -on the way to Chengrai-31/01/2009

I paid a hefty sum of Thai Baht to evacuate all the tourist in the vicinity in order to take this picture! haha Hellor! Do U like my Thai silk...there! the black one i am wearing...?!?
Fascinating white temple
The guardian
The guardian
Is this the HEll?? A male... A female... I am amused by this pair of sculptures.
WAU!!! see something there!!?? What's that???

The Khantok Dinner @ Chengmai - 29/01/2009

Traditional Thai Dance
Fried pork skin
Our sitting place...on the floor.I saw a group of Mat salleh requesting for a table haha
The dishes served.Unlimited refill...The pork dish is just like the Hakka type.Overall the dishes were just ok. Initially i was looking forward for some exotic food to kuat badan that type!

Chengmai Maeping River Cruise-30/01/2009

The Maeping river cruise (30/01/2009) This Thai gentleman is TeowChew lang. Can converse a bit of TeowChew.
His "Scorpion tail" boat-his own creation.This gentleman has got skill and brain and he owns an orchard just besides the river.
The popular glutenous rice and mango plus a thirst quenching laychee drink...on the house! The glutenous rice tasted so good that you feel like wanting more!
The Snake and scorpion herb drink for the "needy persons"
Handicraft made from leaves
Other handicrafts made by him.He owns this handicraft centre and he is giving lessons to some young students there.
Is this look like u?

Ini wajah baru saya semenjak 11/4/2009

Back to my "original" look...some how my mustache"d" was with me for about 4 years +...I decided to shave it off without apparent reason. May be nowadays we must look forward to maintenance free things; so as to save cost and time.To keep a mustache; you have to trim very often so as to keep to its tidiness but not everyone will like to accept it-having to see a mustache man.Some would say it is untidy and some may like the macho look.
When i first kept my mustache;i faced some "threatening" remark from my daughters...They did mention that they will shave it off in my sleep.Haha and i was indeed more amused by some colleagues -they were surprised to see a Chinese with mustache!? As if CHINESE has no mustache like them! haha..Anyway they even praised me having those "misai tebal" One thing they forgot ...some "Cina" are more hairy then them...may be beyond their imagination! haha again! May be in times to come when i turn bald.I would just like to shave it "Botak'.why worry? Is all "light & Easy" and maintenance free.