Monday, December 31, 2007

The Phi Lik Tong ( Perak Cave, Ipoh )

I was at this cave on the 28/12/2007 ( Friday) at 5.30 pm but it was closed at 5 pm. I went back again after returning from Taiping on the 30/12/2007 (Sunday) to this cave at 4.30 pm and this time around i managed to visit the inside for the 3 rd time.
My first time was in November 1977; Came with the Muar High School Interact Club member.My 2nd trip was after my Diploma course in Polytechnic Ungku Omar year December 1992 and my 3 rd trip was this time. I pointed at a stair way and told my eldest child that it was the place that we had gathered (1977) and took a picture at that spot.The feeling was.... just like yesterday!!! where are my Friends...?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Exercise To Enhance Physical & Mental Fitness and Your Sexual Health.

"Add Life to Years,Not Years to Life" A mind is more important then the body and a disturbed mind disturbs the body.There is no magic formula for fitness - effort is required for both mental and physical fitness. You have to be disciplined and consistent and exercise according to your capacity and eat less and also enjoy the exercises or the games- As f0r me, i'm ok to loose a game or two in my badminton game.I used to swim at my own pace;i think as long as i complete my 25 m X 50 laps in about half hour's time then that's good for me.Well, it may sound slow but who care! as long as i finished the whole course i' m well done. Regular exercise and a positive outlook towards life, an inner greatness will be built around you and will protect you against illnesses. Try accepting people and situation ( the Law and The Surrounding Environment/Culture ) as they are.Change the inner attitude and you can change the outer aspect. Meaning to say - Try not to change others but to try to change yourself by accepting the situation and adopt a rational way of solving the problem in a wider scope/means. Don't worry too much about anything, understanding that everything is a game in a drama ( i used to quote "Wayang Kulit" for my office affairs ) where there is a rise and a fall. Try learn to respond to them in an appropriate way.Perhaps with regular exercises; you automatically develop a good and pleasant state of mind- to challenge today's fast-paced lifestyle. Most of the time low sexual drive and other sexual problem may be due to illnesses, family problems, fatigue and stress ( No Money, work, Ah Long, etc ) Balancing your life style is important to ensure a healthy sex life and ultimately, a healthy and enjoyable relationship with your partner.Again,let me remind you that a routine and regular exercise is a must.A full discipline mind must be instilled in order to achieve the ultimate goal of stay healthy and live to the fullest. Eat more vegetables of all types i.e. colours and it's different taste.Some veges ( their minerals ) are helpful for erectile dysfunction and some may relaxe the artery walls allowing more blood flow the penis and some minerals in vege even stimulate sexual desire and sensory nerves.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Staying "YOUNG?"- My Dear Women?

Customers are being "Fobbed Off" Cosmetics firms FOOL women with non-sense!!! Cosmetics firms are misleading women over the effectiveness of skincare creams with incomprehensible scientific jargon. Television adverts are filled with reference to "Pentapeptides", "Lipopeptides", " Omega 3 ", and " Hyaluronic Acid" and claim products will "refuel surface skin cell" resulting in a "Dewy Glow" !! The 'WHICH?'S magazine's transcripts...The scientists said they were no wiser about managed to "help with the sign of aging " Or " improve the appearance of your skin"... NST-24/12/07 Hi Hi Women ,Beauty,Darling,Sweet Heart,Sayang,Manja...What ever name you may wanted to be called...I know you'd like to be flattered-le...huh?...If your "HEART" -See i put BLUE ink le(i.e. your physique,deficiency in philosophy of a good womanhood, your mind,your mood,your soul,some $$$,etc and etc well, look like you women are quite complicated being...) are not up to the mark. Mind you !! with all these in your mind/head(heart)...and if you were to put the best make-up product in the world on your face...i better caution you : Do you know what? You will never look good and you won't look pretty at all and i can tell you that the beauty is not there! Why...??? Very simple; If your 'HEART"is GOOD (I.E. healthy,lovable personality,sweet form head to toe,smiling face,good hearted,passionate,smelling good ,teachable,cooperative,good mood,selfless,confident,etc,etc)Hi come on man these are opinion Lah.Do be soooo sensitive like me le... I think with all the "Qualities" some how or rather-A woman will radiant out her own unique beauty inside her and will show it again and radiant out the beauty on her facial expression-A beauty that no one can deny.That's why i think Mother Theresa is a Beautiful and Special Woman-even though her face was full of wrinkles.She looks so calm-even today. OK come back to you- Women, I hope you "try" to process those good points Lah and never ill treat your self and be so stingy to your own self.If your underties are lobang-lobang please change it at once and change your bra to an admirable one and make yourself feel good about it . Never Look-Back ( Thinking somebody might noticed your tampar punya Panties-NO MORE) walk confident with pride and dignity. A piece of advise to you,young chicks out there.An advertising company will not use a modal with freckle and full grown pimple face on their advertisement.Do you understand?? I never try to play play or make fun out of you- WOMEN ;and I'm definitely not a male chauvinist. He he !I just want you to feel proud to be a woman with less make up but stay healthy.Never get cheated by Advertisement le Pleaselah. Well, if you still want to FALL INSIDE THEIR TRAP and so easily con by them...then you are a woman that are very..."SA-YANG" Remember: Inner Beauty and Kind Thoughts will reflect on your face and a Healthy Mind uplifts the spirit for all time and these will definitely keep you happy and radiant.

Public Order Always Comes First

The right to live in peace and harmony in a safe environment is also a right people can reasonably expect to enjoy in any well-run society.The government is responsible for public order. The right to demonstrate must be always be balanced by the need to maintain public order.Striking the right balance between public freedom and public order is never an easy thing to do.It is a judgment the authorities have to make on the available information. The desire to maintain public order should not be used as an excuse for never allowing peaceful assemblies. There should be avenues for people to express their views in an orderly manner. The right to peaceful assembly should not be unreasonably curtailed.Absolute freedom may cause chaos. Absolute prohibition will cause frustration and anger to fester. NST-23/12/07>

Friday, December 14, 2007

Muar Tanjung's Big Tree

I remember when we were in secondary school days-MUar HiGh SchooL-Actually not very high only 2 stories building but now it has classified as a heritage building in Malaysia,built in 1905,Right? bodies;we used to lepak in Muar Tanjung.We have had 5 cinemas in Muar those days.Every Wednesday nights was the pasar malam nights in Jalan SiSi.Plenty of Malay Kuih Muih; nothing much to see really...yeah i know lah you see me i see kuih ( those days this was the code word to call a young chick in Muar) really nothing much to see not like nowadays pasar malam in KL.SOoooo MUch to see. We had our sports practices in the ruby field near the new'Tanjung.To be continued....

Muar's 'Chui Kuih"

MUAR's Chui Kuih ( Rice Cake)-RM 1.20 for 8 tiny pieces @ as on 13/12/07 See how this lovely girl enjoying the Chui Kuih!! MUAR-"Mapor"...Bandar Maharani-My home town for the last 34 years;has got many nice things to eat;like Teow Chew mee,Wan Dan Mee,Teow Chew Fish porridge,the Bakri"Ikan Haruan Mee hon","little Star restaurant",Jln Sisi Hainanese chicken rice,the kopi-o,the ais kacang at old Cathay cinema and these are the places/makan that i frequent most.Of cause there are plenty of choices besides what i have just told you.But these are my all depend on your own taste.Mmmm...yummy My dear, you can really eat one's heart out! and add more calories-unnecessary and most of all quite unhealthy way.For your info huh...every time in Muar my "Ta Pian" was black color ler...very sticky type some more err.SOrry le Oh yes , the Muar rojak at Tanjung also very popular among the people in Muar. If you enjoy"Asam Fish" you may go to Parit Jawa but there are some shops in Muar providing the same nice delicious type of asam fish too.

An Organ Donor

I am an organ donor since 28/4/1997. I pledged and signed the declaration form to donate organs under the National Kidney Foundation Of Malaysia.I was once a regular blood donor( Donated not less than 20 times-What about you?) But since i saw the newspaper report on the mishandle of needles in hospital...i became a bit kia See.
My "Heart", "Lung", "Kidneys", "Cornea", "Liver" and my "Bone" (though is not written on the donor card) are all to be donated and harvested after my sudden death.Of cause What!If you think when i am 80 years old i would want to part with them huh? No Way Man...Anyway No one will need the old engine lah.
Heh you!! why sooo Stingy! do it while you are young.At least you are proud that somebody still using your parts as a spare one...Try come back as a ghost and try doing the trick of eye popping out from the recipient(Cos he got your cornea)...Haha boleh ke?
That's why believe me when we are gone our parts all turn to ashes le...No ghost no revenge no more lah.Personally i'm quite reluctant to donate monies to charity but i would render my services to them if needs arises( so far non yet).Cos BO lui ma but can only give organs.Hey Mind you! do you think you can really give away your organs so kind like me mer?
Frankly i donot trust a lot of charity bodies outside.There will be somebody out there with bad intention and greed ( Sorry! dont comment me huh...this is MyStories) See yourself in the newspaper;cases of misused funds, swindle cases...never end lah!
I think doing a bit deed to the society is our duty in this life.And i can tell you that i'm damp bloody proud to be one of the donors.Anyway my aim is to live pass all my deceased grandparents' (73 & 69) and my dad's (73) age.and my target age is 80 Years Old. Sorry My daughters will not agreed that!! but i will stay out in my own hat-No lolo-soso no more.
It is a challenge to me and i must strongly believe the so called "hereditary sickness" in the family can be kept at bay if one willing to be modern,live healthy,eat healthy and do away with all the unhealthy family traditional cooking and not-so -good-habits then i think we are quite safe to be considered as the healthy living new generation and further more with the good medication ;so we could expect to live a little bit longer then our forefathers.

Do I Wanna Accept this AngeL??

Well,well,Finally this lost angel has landed on my blog here today...I think she must be the lost princess of Enchanted "Alutasia" Well,I believe she must be gorgeous princess once but after some years on planet earth with those yummy food...I saw in the paper today...She needs to go for the Christmas Beauty therapies sepecial such as:Derma Intensive Glow Therapy @ only 88.00;Face Reshaper/Fat Reduction Therapy @ only RM 68.00;Extensive Light Hair Removal Therapy @ only RM 68.00;Lumi Light Therapy @ only 68.00;3 steps Bust Fit system @ only 188.00; Spot Reduction Programme @ only RM 488.00;Face Shaping or Hair Removal Package @ only 1300.00.SURE Boleh Slim one...To be continue...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Men Strike Back"-by Mocca

If your dog is barking at the back door and your wife is yelling at the front door, who do you let in first? The dog, of course. He'll shut up once you let him in. Don't get me wrong.I am not calling name and am using some terms figuratively and not literally. I believe we enjoy jokes and good anecdotes or any good story.I dont mind if you could contribute to my Blog.TQ huh! .


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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Ai Ya!!! I met an old class mate of std 6 (1972) Serom Chong Hwa; during my morning walk at Tmn Tun Kiara hill on last Sunday .Her name is Quek YM.That was the 2nd time i saw her.See i can still remember her! I called out her name. I managed to contact Lai SF today throught Quek.Wah Lau! one by one i gonna dig you out!