Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Zealand mussel got moustache & Blue colt fish

boil it about 7 to 10 minutes then eat... so sweet le!
i think the "moustache" here is to look like sea weeds and to attract small shrimps go towards the shell.This thing is attached at the opening of the mussel.
Blue Colt fish - my friend says its meat taste like "soon hock" (Ikan bodoh)-Expensive !

we have TOTO u have LOTTO

Prize winning Auckland airport

At the prize winning airport...
All the above displays are pasted along the passage way to the departure gate at the New Zealand's prize winning air port.

This is Melbourne...

I met one bloody rude burly white man here at the reception...@ 1.30 am on 21/12/2010...i already lodged a complaint through their web site e mail; see how they reply it!
Most of the time we do not want to create a scene...but we do happy released our steam here in the blog... and also e mail to your superior! who care what action later; At least my steam is over...
Melbourne Centre
Victoria market...lots of things to see there!
Opphs! Dirty toilet... haha i got u! Notice the plug point below the sink trap; looks like they don't wet the toilet; Just mopping only.

Melbourne Library

Melbourne Library...A must visit place.
Children art piece
children art piece

Melbourne harbour @ 20/12/2010

Ballarat, Australia - Fomer gold mines & Gold Museum

Gold Nugglets
Pharaohs' Gold fingers
The tickets
Ex- gold mine town, Suvereign Hill.