Monday, March 8, 2010

Mulu,Sarawak Trip 25 - 28 /2/2010

Miri wet market...Looking for beras bario-I bought 2 types of red and black rice; 3.5 kg @ rm 30 Briefing before the trip to Penan settlement,Clear water caves and Lady caves about one hour journey by boat in one trip (one way)
Too bad ! Along the way didn't see any one taking bath beside the bank !!....Not much of excitement!! can't even notice a croc!
On top of the Bukit Pala just in front of the Mulu hotel (Bukit Pala "Kepala" - Used to be the hang out place where the head hunter tribe displaced their glory price won from the battle field -human head!!) Those "heads" from the enemies were used to hand around these area of the hills. The hills were trimmed down to fasilitate the taking off of the air plane ; note that the top left is the Mulu airport run way.

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