Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deer Cave ,Mulu Sarawak-26/2/2010

Royal Mulu Resort...Cukup kampung;river by the side and surrounded by the hills and mountains.Full of negative ions...Mulu had one of the most spectacular caving systems in the world, including the world’s largest underground chamber and the largest cave passage. Its geological formations were some 40 million years old.
Colourful Malaysian...Cina,Malayu,India dan Head Hunter punya putera!
Lobang besar inilah Deer cave....busok tahi kelawar!!Memang cukup hebat...
Sitting places are ready for U to watch the bats coming out from the caves above.
Look at the amount of bats!! the tiny dots and dots...It was estimated in year 1999 that the bat population has reached 6,000,000 Phew!! At 6.10 pm on that day...the bats started to fly out from their hiding places. When the evening sun light shines on them; its body reflected the glittering lights of golden brown was so nice to see. Out standingly good to appreciate the scene.
Flying from the cave like a "dragon" Amazing!!
There were some predators (eagles) attacking the group and they will break up and then joined back to the line again...Amazing indeed!
So so so amazed by the scene!!

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